The Community Edition of PBI Spy has all the functionality of the Professional version with the following exceptions:

  • It does not analyze datasets larger than 250MB.

  • It does not simultaneously analyze multiple reports that share a dataset. 

Please use the Community Edition to ensure that the software satisfies your requirements before subscribing.

Clause 1: Circumstances in which Returns are allowed

1.1 We permit returns in the following instances:

1.1.1 If the product does not function as advertised.

Clause 2: When a Return needs to be initiated

2.1 Returns need to be initiated within Within 7 days of purchase of the product having been delivered to you.

Clause 3: The choices you have upon Returning the Product

3.1 When a product is returned to us you can:

3.1.1 Have the amount refunded to you.

Clause 4: How a Return is initiated

4.1 All returns shall be initiated by means of an email sent to setting out:

4.1.1 the reason for the return.

Clause 5: What will happen once a Product is returned

5.1 Once returned:

5.1.1 You will receive a refund.

5.1.2 Your access the professional features of the product will  be revoked.