PBI Spy requires a data model/dataset to connect to and one or more Power BI report or template files to analyze.


It then queries the data model and the report file/s to determine how the reports are using data from the dataset.

Follow these instructions to get started.

  • Open the report that you want to analyze in Power BI Desktop

  • Open PBI Spy from the Window start menu or Desktop

  • Follow the numbered prompts on the screen

 1  Select the Power BI model to analyze from the list of open Power BI Desktop files.

If the list does not contain the item that you want, check that the file is open in Power BI Desktop then click on the Refresh button.

 2  Click on the button with the plus sign (+) to add a report or template file to analyze.

These reports will be analyzed to determine how they use the data model/dataset specified in step #1.

 3  Select where the analysis output file should be written.

This will be an Excel file that contains the raw analysis data. We will use a Power BI template to visualize it in the next step.

 4  Click Analyze to start the analysis.

 5  Once the analysis has completed click the Open Report Template button to open the        PBI Spy analysis template in Power BI Desktop

  • Once the template has opened you can type or paste the name of the analysis output file from step #3 and click Load.